Surprisingly enough, the third team from Roma was born: they will play in the second division!

As I mentioned before Corriere dello Sport In Rome a new reality is born, which will start its sports journey starting with the Italian League: The Roma City F.C.

The advantage of this initiative is Tonino Duinoa Romanian businessman returned from Miami to fulfill his dream, which is to have his own football team.

After getting a title Fuji next year Rome City will play in it Series Dat the gates of the capital will be able to count on a modern structure ryano sports center.

Duino Rome City

These are the words Duino Regarding this new reality that builds:Mine is trying to build something from the bottom up and with the right approach.

I speak Italian, but my mindset as an entrepreneur grew up in the United States. At the moment, I am studying to understand the logic of a world that I know so little inside, even if I have always followed football and am a Giallorossi fan.”

He will not have preconceived models to inspire him, but he will look at the facts that made the strength of scouting and talent promotion its main characteristics.

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