Tampere divorces from his coaching father: ‘We can’t get along anymore’

They made up a winning pair, for whom, the results that culminated in the Olympic gold medal in the high jump in Tokyo speak for themselves. But they also have more than a diversity of views. The relationship between Gianmarco Tampere The coach father was cut off. This was communicated by the Olympic champion himself, who explained how his decision was considered: “It is a decision that I have been thinking about for some time, because in these years of cooperation with great results there have been equally significant differences. This choice is on the eve of the World Championships, which It was taken with caution and a bit of courage, stemming from analysis of the contested season thus far – Olympic gold continuation -.We are well below technical expectations and there has been an exchange of views on what has not yet worked in preparation, and a variety of opinions have emerged. I don’t want Haggling over the most important race of the year in any way, insisting on a track I don’t think is right, and later biting my hand for not having the courage to take matters into my own hands. That’s the basis of my decision.”

Italian Tamberi champion after the play-off with Fassinotti, but gets angry: the other refuses the agreement, no handshake and a few words too many

by Cosimo Seto

“I am not afraid that another coach will join me on the podium – complete the note – this has already happened several times in recent years, for various reasons, and this possibility has never prevented me from performing at a high level. (Two Italian records, best 2.38m, editor), Otherwise I wouldn’t have made that choice. My current priority is to fix the physical problem I have in the deadlift game, which is the only possible handicap preventing me from beating the competitive measures in the Eugene World Challenge.”

Facinotti: “The quarrel with Tampere? Here’s what happened”

by Mattia Chiusano

“Now I will focus all my energies on the goal of the world championship without being distracted by what will be the technical figure that will support me after 2022 in preparing for the next season. Competition under the supervision of another coach is not a gamble, in our specialty, the coach is essential in all stages of training and programming, in competition, the automatism and feelings of The athlete are the true determinants of performance purpose. I am an agonist and account for all the risks.”

Athletics, the feud between Tampere and Fascinotti: no handshake and just a few words

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