Telegram, the alarm goes off: so they can access your conversations

The controversy over the architecture of the Telegram messaging app, which according to many appears to be less secure and protected than expected

Recently an instant messaging app The WhatsApp It boasts a bitter rival that is gaining momentum and is increasingly used worldwide. that by saying cablea similar app that allows you to chat quickly and share a lot of content.

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On the way to acting cable However, controversies have arisen recently. Unfortunately, it was found by the producers, and it was immediately reported, Chat about child pornography, from revenge porn Or by sharing private and stolen photos.

Such a discovery he made Many users question the security and privacy of Telegram chats. It is absolutely right to fight those who spread illegal material on the network, but this means that application administrators can access our personal data at any time and in a very simple way.

actually in Telegram Code There is an answer that calms the controversy: the app’s structure is robust and responsible, but when seeing some overt irregularities, it can be a double-edged sword. Therefore, complete privacy is respected unless serious violations are reported.

Telegram and illegal material: how to report it to the authorities

Other controversies arise specifically from Material Inappropriate unfortunately turns on groups cable. The hypothesis that emerges from the scandals of recent years is that the contents of Telegram are somehow poorly controlled.

Good way to stop this possibility Report groups and users Those who do not follow decent behavior and who, on the contrary, follow positions that go beyond the limits of legality.

These are the Telegram app options for you to do just that. For example, through the group settings in the upper left, where the item “a report“It is helpful to get the platform to understand that something is wrong and that it is necessary to take action.

After pressing it, you can select the most appropriate option for your case from Spam, violence, pornography, child abuse, copyright and more To get the report at the top of the app that will do the necessary checks and block malicious chats.

Improved privacy for Telegram

In recent months, important updates have arrived for Telegram in terms of privacy. like for example Request access to public groups, allowing admins to review new members before giving them a chance to chat. Inspired by other facts, such as Twitter and Facebook, Telegram also introduced verification badge In conversations related to relevant public figures and organizations.

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