Ten cars and motorcycles are the heroes of his films

Sixty years and we have not heard from them. Tom Cruise certainly isn’t the slipper type, not even at the age when many are looking to retire to rest, he just made it to the movie theaters with Top Gun: Maverick The next two chapters of the saga are in the works Mission: Impossible. The1962 American film actor and producer, born on July 3rd, unlike Ron Kovich who plays in the movie. Born on the 4th of July by Olver Stone, for which he won a Golden Globe and earned an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, that’s his first name, is a fan of motors, two wheels or four wheels makes no difference, and loves shooting dangerous scenes in first person without resorting to stunts. We want to celebrate the birthday of the “action” star par excellence with ten cars (cars, motorcycles and even a plane) used in the many films that consider him the protagonist: Porsche 928 (Risk Business), Kawasaki GBZ 900 (Top Gun), Buik Regal ( Days of Thunder), Triumph Speed ​​Triple (Mission: Impossible II), Lexus 2054 EV (Minority Report), Ducati Hypermotard, (Knight and Day), Bmw S1000 RR (Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation), Piper Aerostar (US-made) ), Kawasaki H2-R (Top Gun Maverick), Fiat 500 (Mission Impossible Dead Account pt 1).

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