The Call of the Forest –

Signals are multiplied. The authors or potential leaders of a new, extreme, and anti-system leftist premise emerge, as in the anti-everything tradition, such as mushrooms. Maurizio Landini makes CGIL available as a trial tank. Michel Santoro has spent his television popularity and wealth of forty years of experience stirring up the arenas. In the middle are also those who should bring the votes if they still have, that of Don Quixote by Giuseppe Conte, leader of the Half Five Stars, along with Marco Travalho, the new Sancho Panza whispering life’s advice in his ear: It is he who He must ignite the fuse by sending the Draghi government home, if only because it has the big problem of having to persuade the Grillny ministers to leave their posts. Mission: Impossible. Then, again, many who in the past, for various reasons, were part of those caravans from the former mayor of Naples de Magistris to Antonio Ingroya, both former off-duty magistrates, the inevitable Fauro.

It’s like a call from the woods. Inflation is rising due to the energy crisis, companies are experiencing difficulties, the economy is not withdrawing, the shopping cart is costing more and more and a hot autumn is expected, as hot as a summer drought. Then the jubilant gang, the populists of today who have the same DNA as yesterday’s communists, sniff the air and believe conditions are ripe to open a new cycle. Forgiveness back to the past. After all, if we go back to the 1986 inflation because there shouldn’t be the same heroes, the same worlds to lead the furious. Santoro’s first TV success with broadcasting Samarcanda dates back to 1987, so here we go. After all, the pacifism of the 1980s paid tribute to Brezhnev and the Soviet Union when it demonstrated against European missiles like the one in 2022, fifty years later, looked at Putin and Russia.

It can be bet that even if the “crises” changed, the recipes of this world would remain the same as they were many years ago. Taxes on taxes because private property is a crime for them. The real point is that at the basis of today’s crisis there are exactly the programmes, it would be better to say the slogans of this agora that have always influenced the left (at the last CGIL event everyone was present, from Fratoianni, through Conte, all the way to Kalinda, except for Renzi who may no longer On the left). The energy crisis that has put us at the mercy of Russia is an ideological ecological consequence advocated over time by Santoro, Grillini and his comrades, and which has paralyzed us for decades. CGIL’s labor policies have created a paradoxical situation in our country: there are many unemployed, citizenship income, but also many job offers that do not find answers. Let’s not talk about infrastructures: between licenses and regulations, it takes clerical times to create a public business. In short, the crisis that befalls us today stems from policies that were not made yesterday. the reason? Because the extremists who answer the call of the crisis forest are the same ones who shut down the country for years. They are the ones who find a role and a habitat in crises. It feeds on crises. Like the magicians who danced the rain dance who, however, happened to be overwhelmed by a storm.

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