The Chinese SUV That Drives Europe Crazy

In China, it sold very well and unlike some of the rickety copies we’ve seen in the past, today’s SUV has a strong, innovative line. Here are the reasons why Voyah Free might be an inspiration for summer.

From China, a car market rapid expansion In the vast Asian panorama, a slew of models arrive every month: some are bad copies of Western cars that are often banned from arriving in Italy – see the fake Vespas story – others are nothing special, and then there are particularly successful models like the one We have it here.

What is hidden under this cloth? (driving license)

In a market with such a wide range of products as the Chinese one, it is always exciting to find a car that can sell consistently and continuously as voya freeThe big SUV that apparently literally drove the Chinese population last year.

The Free went into production at the end of 2021 and managed to sell 6,791 units in the home, more than half of that in December alone. The numbers may seem unimpressive, but when you consider the competition among countless Chinese homes, it’s easy to see why Western observers exist. They set their sights This medium, great things anticipate its imminent arrival on the market.

sooner than you think

According to rumors of the Italian press, the Free You must also arrive in Italy At the latest in a couple of months, maybe a summer revelation. Almost unknown – in the West – the Chinese house Voyah that produced it had already smelled the bargain and was already preparing everything for its arrival in Oslo as the house has a car showroom that will be the first to officially introduce the large SUV with features in Europe .. elegant.

Voya Texel 03_07_2022 Quattromania
Voyah Free (Techzle)

Free’s elegant font is reflected in the luxurious and extremely spacious interior. After all, with a length of more than 5 meters, we will also miss that the car did not have much space there! Another little gem, the electric motor is capable of delivering 670 horsepower for a shot from 0 to 100 that can be obtained in 4.8 seconds. By the way, it seems that Free . design Our work ItaldesignWhich interprets modern calligraphy and is in line with Western tastes.

How much does it cost you ask? In China, the free group owns Base price 313,000 yuan, which can translate to more or less 41,000 euros, but the official price at which the SUV will arrive in Italy has not yet been announced. We just have to wait to see if Voyah will really be able to extricate itself in a competitive market like the European one.

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