The decision after the phone meeting between Juventus and Allegri: Koulibaly becomes the first goal

there Juventus wants to hire Kalidou Coulibaly To compensate for his defense, should de Ligt leave, the Senegalese midfielder ended up at the top of the wish list after a recent phone meeting between Juventus managers and coach Allegri. He assures that the mission is on the verge of impossible printing At the point of the market – and not just because it is linked to the sale of the Dutch defender: you have to negotiate with President De Laurentiis and then get the player’s approval.

in the parameters.
Discussions are underway at Kontasa and the 31-year-old is the ideal player to replace De Ligt. In addition, he has a salary that perfectly matches Juventus’ new plans, can earn 6 million euros plus 2 bonuses, and will also represent a saving compared to what De Ligt currently costs (8 million net plus 4 bonuses).

100 million cash.
Juventus have set a selling price for the Dutchman, they want 100 million “cash” and have already rejected Chelsea’s offer of 40 million plus one player (Werner or Pulisic), and at the same time they are considering 40 million requests for Koulibaly. De Laurentiis knows he risks losing his player on a free transfer within a year and can’t make big barriers, likely in Barcelona and Chelsea maneuvers to avoid being seen in Turin.

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