The job everyone was waiting for, he ruled out contact

WhatsApp, comes the functionality that everyone has been waiting for for a long time: the one that allows you to exclude communication.

The news keeps hitting the heavily used messaging app, which has dominated our lives for several years now; Whether it’s for work or private life, our virtual chats largely travel from The WhatsApp.

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For this reason, the application is always under constant updates, ready to improve the service offered by WhatsApp; here comes New function exclude contactwhich many have been waiting for for a long time now.

WhatsApp: The job everyone has been waiting for, excluding contact

The app appears to be increasingly implementing privacy features for its users; Regarding this, a new functionality has been announced directly from the app on your Twitter account.

To further protect your online privacy, we are introducing new options for Privacy Control settings. Now you can Decide who from your contact list can see your status, profile picture, information, and last seen Read the official account tweet.

In practice, it is now possible to exclude certain contacts from various activities related to our profile, including See photo, information, last access and status of Whatsapp; Not all contacts with our number are ‘close’ and therefore this feature allows you not to share certain information with anyone.

Before this feature was added, it was only possible to choose to share this information “With everyone”, “With contacts only” or “No sharing”; This new option, which was tested at length before its launch, allows you to decide more precisely with whom you share information.

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WhatsApp now lets you specifically choose which contact you want to share certain information with (Image: Pixabay).

As for app updates in general, they certainly don’t end here; There are many other apps on the wayIn order to make the user experience better and better.

Specifically, the ability to modify sent messages has been waiting for some time, but the process is difficult due to end-to-end encryption. Moreover, it will also work to use one profile on two different smartphones, even if it is exclusive to the premium version.

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