The new Dacia city car 2022-2023, more ambitious than Dacia Spring even in price

While the first version saw the light recently, The second generation of Dacia spring Still talking about. During the presentation of the financial results of the Diamond brand, Luca de Meo indicated that next spring Dacia will see the light in 2024, in conjunction with Renault 5 and other models of the range, such as the sports version of the R5 with the Alpine brand. In short, two years before the initial estimates. Let’s see better in this article:

Dacia City Car 2022-2023 to outpace Dacia Spring

next one electric city car It will still be based on the CMF-A family platform; However, you will receive several changes to better suit the electric sector when it is launched.

L ‘The current generation is based on the CMF-AEV module, An electrified derivative of CMF-A used by city cars intended for emerging markets that already recognizes a seven-year career. According to the first rumors, this technical update will allow it to carry a larger battery and promise more than 300 kilometers of autonomy.

The French automaker will launch four electric Renault cars and one with the Alpine logo. A year later, it will reveal its Alpine sports saloon, which will likely be its answer to something like a Tesla Model 3.

Consider Dacia City Car’s prospects

Like the The first generation of spring DaciaThe selling price will be very low and could settle at around €9,000. The Spring will likely stay the same size for its next generation, although it will likely get wider – the current model is the size of a car, especially when it comes to shoulder room inside.

Dacia Spring is a 3.73-meter compact city car. The brand’s first electrical device, the cheapest in the industry. Expensive technology, which takes advantage of the bonus to reach more acceptable prices but still makes it more expensive than one Sandero.

Regardless of the level Design and PersonalizationThere are no major differences between the two versions of Dacia Spring. The Comfort version doesn’t have rear radars and a reversing camera, which can be trickier in the city knowing that should be its primary environment.

In addition to It does not have a 7-inch center screen, unlike his counterpart. In the digital age and fleet electrification, this might seem very surprising. In terms of customization, it has orange stripes, a spare tire, and smelt black paint.

The European New Car Assessment Program is an independent international body whose main function is to conduct crash tests in order to test capabilities in the field of motor vehicle safety.

Dacia spring Thus, he received only one star out of the five possible. If we look at the details of these tests, it has a score of 49% in adult protection, 56% in child protection, as well as 32% for driver assistance systems. To protect vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists) the rate is 39%.

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