The only real alternative to Panda at an unbeatable price

Hyundai Casper wants to be the alternative to the Panda in the compact car market, since the city car has always been the first.

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there a challenge From Hyundai In the Fiat Panda and the Kasperthanks to him size so is Features. The Small SUVs serve for Bite the largest car marketor that small carswhere all Houses openly challenge each other. there panda in italy he is the first place to sales; Therefore, the south korea home he had to study The right moves to counter this Domain. Now let’s take a closer look at the characteristics new casperwhich is really interesting.

Here is the new Hyundai Casper

car size Crossingsince then 3.5 meters and he 1.5 meters wide, with’to rise From 1.6 meters. for him Step 2.4mall this to try maximizing the inner. there Sentences he have the design truly Attractivewith cube shapes that stand out round lightswhich is located on Very nice grill. The Backlight she also circular located on bumper. L ‘Inside Casper Designed to givePackaging even more Flexibility.

New Hyundai Casper
Another photo of the new Casper that we will soon see on the street –

The trunk has ability 301 litersThanks The system that reclines the seats perfectlystill contains Larger capacity. The engine who is this Hyundai There she is same thrusterssubordinate South Korea group. The same thing we find in I am 10 And the PicantoThis is it 3 cylinders with a capacity of 1.0 liters and the Turbo enginewith 100 hp. car mounts a 5-speed manual gearboxbut you can also order automatic gearbox.

There are many aids that are installed in the car

there safety which is based on Hyundai Casper truly interestinga lot to make A machine is one of the safest machines. find well Seven airbags, including the central side, for those in the front seats. Then there is a fileHelp avoid collisions With cars driving near us, but also pedestrians and cyclists. Moreover, thereHelp keep aisleas wellNotice to keep the driver alert.

Casper rear
The back of the new Hyundai Casper –

If you want you can mount it on you KasperL’Help avoid collisions at intersections and those that exist The back side. Always on demand thereCar crash assistance behind us and the automatic speed control. The selling price Wandering 10,000 eurosa really interesting character, which for The city car is great. The price Obviously it isa ticketSo, the answer is probably yes Will attest to higher numbers.

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