The outdoor gym accesses the Cibeno bike/pedestrian track

there Cebino cycle / pedestrian pathWhich attracts many tourists from the north and attracts hundreds of them these days, will become so outdoor gymor as defined by the new project “Skyfitness Track”.

The chosen place for the development of the private gym It is an extension of about two kilometers that crosses the municipality of MarounAnd the.

In fact, the expected work to enrich the region is an initiative of the Maronite administration, which, after completing the feasibility study with the technical office, almost approved the executive project.

design idea It has already received 17,000 euros in funding from the region As part of the Sport Outdoor 2021 call, from a total of €24,597. The rest will be guaranteed by the municipal coffers. As Mayor Alessio Rinaldi explained at the recent City Council, “The creation of the Sky Fitness Trail is intended to complement a broader work dedicated to the use of public spaces for recreational and sporting purposes, favoring outdoor activities.”

areas selected for Sports equipment installation There are four, all of which are publicly owned and all on the lakeside and pedestrian bike path in Cipino Bresciano. They are across Christini, Rosselli Park, a green area across de Gasperi towards Philo and across Rome. Instead, the stations where the exercises will be performed will be seven.

“Their location – designated for Public Works Commissioner Mauro Zanotti – is designed to allow the use of the course track and equipment, between free-body activities and those requiring the use of multi-purpose machines (four) for strength training. The equipment guarantees outdoor use even in winter thanks to the protection of its mechanisms. Each A station will be explained by an explanatory board.

The new outdoor gym – as mentioned in the study – promises to unleash attractive social dynamics Also for disabled boys and girlsPromoting social cohesion, inclusion and delegation. The work is scheduled to start in July, with the exception of delays in the delivery of materials by contracted companies.