The petition wants to send a little love to Ron Gilbert –

One of them was launched online petition To send some love to Ron Gilbert And to remind him that most fans can’t wait to play the new game Back to Monkey Island. The first site is none other than Alessio Pianesani, who has once again proven to be one of the most sharp and dynamic minds in the world of Italian video game criticism.

The idea for the petition came to him during the last episode of a short circuit. We gathered all the Italian press, as well as the world, with words full of love on social media: “To see if it’s possible to do something nice that has such a critical mass that it doesn’t go unnoticed, like, unfortunately, all the nice stuff in this clicker from the havoc that is the internet of 2022.

So the petition wants to be “A little act of love for the saddened Ron Gilbert, who, whether his critics liked or not, will soon take us back to those places that have been waiting to be explored again for more than 30 years and will finally reveal to us – in so far as it is important – what the true secret is. to Monkey Island.

In short, if you, too, can’t wait to play the new Return to Monkey Island game and you’re sorry to learn that a segment of toxic users has mistreated a great person like Ron Gilbert, sign the petition, which is titled poetically sweetly LOVE for Ron Gilbert and Return to Monkey Island “and in it we read:

Ron, we just love you. We love Guybrush, Stan, Elaine, LeChuck, Murray, Wally and all the other crazy characters that will bring us together in the exhilarating adventure they create!

We can’t wait to finally get back to Monkey Island.

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