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room It is a 2015 movie that was released in theaters. The director of this movie is Lenny Abrahamson. The film producer brings important actors, such as Brie Larson, to the big screen in the role of cheerfulAnd Jacob Tremblay, who plays the little boy jack.

The film is based on Emma Donoghue’s 2010 novel Room, bed, wardrobe, mirror. Both the book and the movie are inspired by one of them True storya crime case that took place in Austria in 2008 known as the Fritzl case.

Who is Elizabeth, Jack’s mother?

The The Fritzl case It starred a woman named Elizabeth. The girl was 16 years old when she tried to escape from her parents’ house due to her father’s harassment. Despite this attempt, the young woman was entrusted to her original family.

Her father, Joseph, kidnapped her, at a certain point, two years later and locked her up in the basement room. He tied her to a bed and made her take narcotics, so that Elizabeth would not scream or make the neighbors suspicious.

All this happened, as it was later known, in 1977, when Elizabeth was 18 years old. The girl was kept in the bunker for more than 24 years, until 2008. All this time Elizabeth was harassed and gave birth to seven children by her tormented father.

The release came only when the eldest daughter fell ill and was taken to the hospital. Doctors have make a call He asked to meet the girl’s mother and on this occasion the father allowed Elizabeth to leave the orphanage.

The differences between the real story and the adaptation of the movie

In the movie some details were changed somehow. In fact, Elizabeth will no longer be called by that name, but her name is Joy, and the girl’s son is named Jack. Contrary to what happened in the real story, not all seven children appear in the movie, only Jack.

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Another modification is related to the jailer’s number. While in the crime story is girl’s fatherIn the movie, the character is called old nick. However, it is not made clear if he is a stranger or Joey’s real father.

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The timing also changes, because in the film producer the girl remains a prisoner for five years.

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