The Supreme Court of the United States and Texas reinstated a 1925 law banning abortion and punishable by imprisonment

The Texas Supreme Court has authorized entry into law 1925 who – which Abortion is prohibited And whoever practices it shall be punished by any means Prison, to overturn the ruling issued by a lower court that had temporarily blocked it. Controversial announced that Attorney General Ken Paxton. The law no longer applies after Roe v. Wade 1973 The Supreme Court had legalized abortion. But in recent days, the same court has overturned this ruling. “Triumph for life!” Paxton chanted on Twitter. “Pre-Row state rulings banning abortion in Texas are 100% good laws. Legal controversy continues but I will continue to win for unborn children in Texas.”

The decision comes just days after some clinics attempted to restore services. court Houston It gave the green light for medical facilities to resume abortions in less than six weeks after a Supreme Court ruling effectively halted all of their activities. But amidst the chaos that coincided with layoffs, shutdowns, rescheduling of procedures, and new cancellations, all within the span of a week, today the new cold shower arrived.

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