The winner of the new judge’s dance show?

In October, Dancing With The Stars will return, but the attendance of the five judges has yet to be fully confirmed. According to some rumors circulating in the past few hours, one of the winning characters of the previous editions of the dance show could enter the jury.

Saturday October 8 will return in prime time on Ray Ono Dancing with the Stars. The success of the dance show you hosted Milli Carlucciwhich has grown version after release, which means that the eleventh episode will be added to the ten scheduled episodes each year.

Still with little confirmed news regarding the seventeenth edition, not all judges It has been confirmed, so some of the rumors circulating in the past few hours will make the premise of the arrival of a former winner Dancing with the stars at the jury’s table.

Dancing With the Stars: A New Judge Coming?

Selvagia Lucarelli 1

In recent weeks, many have questioned the existence of Wild Lucarelli As a judge in the next edition of Dancing with the stars.

And aroused the suspicions of the journalist, who said in one of her Instagram stories that she would not return in one of her work commitments between television and radio.

So many thought he could talk about it Dancing with the starsHowever, there have been no confirmations or denials in this regard so far.

Former new judge winner?

Arisa (1)

While waiting for confirmations or denials to attend Wild Lucarelli In the next edition of the dance show hosted by Milli CarlucciSome rumors have raised the assumption that Arisa won last year with the dancer veto CoppolaHe might be the new face at the jury’s table.

Also in this case, these are hypotheses that have not been officially confirmed or rejected, but the cooperation between Arisa and Milli Carluccihas been an established fact for several years now, which I began to share in masked singerAnd the victory continued Dancing with the stars In the presence of the singer as a guest in the third edition of The masked singer.

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