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From Andrea Nicastro

On Thursday he was on stage in Kyiv, and tomorrow he will return to the front: therapeutic acting, says the former Minister of Culture. I have a fellow soldier, a bank manager, and an insurance CEO

from our reporter
Kyiv – A week ago he was on the southern front, in front of Mykolaiv, fighting the Russians. On Thursday he starred in the Kyiv theater in a pice game inspired by Erich Maria Remarque i Three guys. Tomorrow I will go forward. Rebel, actor, minister and soldier, Yevhen Nychuk, a thousand-year-old man, who today, like many Ukrainians, is going to war. Twenty days in the trenches a week off. I assure you, therapeutic representation. Helps manage fighting stress. My character is afraid of noises that remind him of World War I bombs. The same thing happened to me. Now I play it very well.

She was Maidan’s voice during the Orange Revolution of 2004. She stood on stage at sniper range, but never came down. Now volunteer. Do you like to take risks?

I am afraid. My family has moved to safer areas, but this war is clearly a continuation of that experience. Demanding democracy and freedom. I would just like to act, unfortunately I didn’t choose the historical moment in which I live and these things happen to me. Then they didn’t shoot me so that there wouldn’t be a scandal since I was broadcasting live with the whole world. That’s another challenge, I’m anyone in the trenches. It will be important to survive.

He was Minister of Culture for four years, couldn’t he help differently?

I’m really fortunate that, given my date of birth, they made me so smart. I analyze photos of reconnaissance drones. I’m in the hive unit because the drones come and go like bees.

Is he a really capable minister/actor?

If that is why I have a fellow soldier who is a bank manager and an insurance company CEO. In Sister Unit is award-winning director Jaroslav BelonskyWith his photographers, cinematographers, etc. It took a while, but we’re good now.

Best young.

Young people are our leaders who are 24 or 29 years old. Or who returned from abroad to fight. Guys who don’t pretend to be better than they are, but they are committed, they study, they are professionals. I did well.

Western analysts say this is the reason for your resistance.

we We defend our land, of course we are passionate. The Russians, on the other hand, are watching them with drones. They do not want to fight, hide and drink like a sponge. The fall of rockets in recent days is a sign of fear.

What are they afraid of?

What will happen at the end of the month. The Ukrainian and Russian armies were born out of the Soviet army. We know all about their tactics and weapons and they know about ours. By the end of July that will not be the case.
Western weapons will arrive and the troops will be trained to use them. The situation on the ground will change dramatically. The Russians know this and are trying to hit civilians to put pressure on the government. But they won’t.

Do you also train?

S. The Hive will soon have US Switchblade attack drones. In the meantime, our engineers – our soldiers modified the Chinese Mavik3 aircraft for adaptation to the Southern Front. During the battle for Kyiv, between the houses, the autonomy of the original drone was 6 kilometers enough, and now they have increased to 40 to reach the Russian artillery in the open field.

Question to the former Minister of Culture, what makes the Ukrainians so brave?

There is a historical reason and an accidental reason. Our legends call us warriors and we think so. From the Vikings of Kievan Rus in the 9th century to the Cossacks who served as mercenaries for the Poles and Russians, but no one could subdue them. Here many soldiers cut their hair, leaving the lock or braid in the Cossack fashion. Even in the Soviet army, many officers were Ukrainians.

What is the accidental cause?

The Russians attacked us in 2014 and a flood of volunteers plugged holes in the army at that time. Thanks to their contribution, Ukraine was able to resist and restore part of the Donbass. In March of this year, These ancient warriors were the first to volunteer in the battle for the defense of Kyiv. They quit their jobs and went to the front. They already knew how to fight, and after he won once, he was confident that they could still do it.

What do you think of your fellow actor Zelensky?

He’s not exactly an actor. Those who work in theater or cinema have to get into the role, studying character, and history, while Zelensky is more comedic. Less analysis and more improvisation. It is quick to respond and save.


I abstain from voting. We live in a kind of indisputable tab on the president, armed forces and volunteers. No censorship, just holding on to the combined effort. It is not a matter of dividing us.

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