Through the test you can find out the truth

What are the warning symptoms that warn if we have a vitamin D deficiency or if we have an ideal need for this substance.

Vitamin D drink from Pixabay

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there Vitamin D It is an essential protective material boneAnd the muscles And the heart It allows us to absorb football. Although there is often such an important role Diets Rumor is not enough to allow us a good supply of Vitamin D Because it is not very present in foods that are usually eaten.

An excellent ally to tackle this problem is Sun. In fact, light helps to increase the level Vitamin D. When we introduce ourselves to Sun lightour body is able to transform cholesterol In the precious substance whose deficiency has negative effects on muscles and general well-being.

Vitamin D smell test

Sunshine Vitamin D Heart Bones Muscle Wellness
Sunshine and Vitamin D from Pixabay

In addition to monitoring symptoms and our daily energy level, itgoing To be able to detect the absence of Vitamin D. This was revealed by a study published by the magazine in 2020 Nutrients. The scientists who conducted the experiment noted the fact that over the years we tend to gradually lose our sense of taste and smell.

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Monday’s loss senses It happens very gradually. Those who experience this loss often do not realize it. The people who agreed to take the tests had to try to identify specific smells. ok 6 Aromatherapy Out of 8 specific tests called pocket smell test Not recognized.

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Smells are not recognized because they are not properly perceived due to a partial weakness process sense of smell. So from experience it is clear that Vitamin D deficiency It makes our sense of taste and smell underperform.

It is very important to counteract this time effect by interfering with some Good habits. Exposing yourself to the sun, taking the necessary precautions and of course avoiding hot times Specific Supplements and eating Mushrooms, tuna and mackerel that contain this substance in large quantities.

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