Tour de France Live Phase 3 Willy-Sonderborg | direct

With Van Aert in the yellow jersey, Grand Bouké concludes the Danish stage with a distance of 182 km Wili-Sonderborg. In the evening, we move to night

The last effort in Denmark, after the opening time experience in Copenhagen and the second stage in Nyborg with the Storbaelt Bridge show. And it will again be a huge show among hundreds of thousands of fans. Today the third stage, Wille-Sonderburg, is 182 kilometres, with an ideal track for runners. There are three small climbing stages, which are valid for Category 4 of the Mountain Grand Prix, and a sprint with points for the green jersey classification. We’re on the Jutland Peninsula, the westernmost point of the country, but the group will be less exposed to wind than the day before. So it should be easier for runner formations to control the race to get to the sprint. As in all stages of the line, at the finish line there are bonuses for rating: 10″, 6″ and 4″. The finish is not far from the German border. After the stage, with some charter flights, the whole caravan will move from late evening into night France, where Monday, July 4th will be the first of three days off.

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