Ukraine, sister commander Azovstal: “A hero who helped us liberate”

Defenders of Azovstal They are good heroes, because they fought for good, defended children, mothers andUkraine. They have the right to live and freedom. I appeal to the entire international community, to every association, every organization and every person on the side of good: If you can help us liberate our soldiers, do so. “This is the appeal adopted by Adnkronos, from Titiana Kharko Representative of the Association of Defenders of FamiliesAzovstal and the sister of the commander of the 36th separate brigade of the Ukrainian marines, Serhiy Volynskynicknamed “Volyn”, who is still a Russian prisoner.

The last contact with the family was “a message he sent to us on May 20. He wrote to us that from the next day it would not be possible to speak, due to lack of communication. And we understood that it would be his last” day. AzovstalSince then “neither messages, nor phone calls, nor information about his condition and whereabouts”, only rumors coalesce with each other, without finding confirmation. Two weeks ago, Russian media reported that the commander was among the prisoners Azovstal Transfer to Moscow. “But the truth – says the sister – is that we do not know where it is. There are rumors that it is found in the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, according to others in Rostov-on-Don or in Lefortovo prison, but from videos published by Russian media, unfortunately It is impossible to determine his true location.

For relatives, it is “really very difficult: not knowing is scary. On the other hand, knowing how prisoners are treated causes us a great deal of stress,” he said. Titiana Kharko. To combat it, you chose to participate in the Defenders Families AssociationAzovstal. “I meet with government and media representatives and this job gives me hope that I can help get my brother back.” The sister-in-law, who has a young son, “with whom she sets an example”, is forced “to keep tears in her heart that she cannot show.”

Family is the real passion Serhiy VolynskyDespite the “choice of a military profession.” Born in the Ukrainian Poltava region thirty years ago, Volynsky spent half his life in the army: “At the age of fifteen, having finished middle school, he entered the military secondary school in Kremenchug. Then he entered the army secondary school. Military Academy in Lviv and was sent to the semi Crimea He was there in 2014, when the annexation began, with the arrival of the so-called “green men”, that is, the Russians. He was one of the few who did not betray his homeland and returned to mainland Ukraine, where he fought for the past eight years in the East, until Near Mariupol, says Titiana, without hiding his pride.

“Maybe like every sister, my brother is a great person: smiling, good, honest, with values, already outside the military profession, he has always helped others, children and old people. And I have always known that I can count on him .. but after the facts AzovstalMy brother became a hero, a heroUkraine And it is impossible to think otherwise,” Kharko notes Volynsky’s leader – He explains – “Two weeks before the large-scale invasion with his battalion, he was near Mariupol. On February 24 he was in the city, at the base of the Azovmash plant. On April 12, under his command, he was part of the brigade joined the other defenders of the Azovstal steel plants. “.

There “at the cost of their lives and psychological well-being they defended their homeland and us too. They saw with their own eyes an amputation without anesthesia, found themselves without drugs, with a lack of food and followed orders to the end. Their order now is to keep their lives ” Defenders of Azovstal Free yourself.

“I personally spoke to the boys and saw them with my own eyes: they are all very thin and looking very ill. 90% are seriously injured, many without arms and without legs, some do not see or hear. And still others are paralyzed. Even from a psychological point of view , they need help: some are crying, some are able to talk, even if they don’t tell much. However, what we noticed is that they were happy to be back home. I wish for a good future for them,” says a representative of the Families Association Defenders of Azovstalwho, having opened a line for psychological support to relatives and soldiers, now also wants to commit to the physical rehabilitation of the released.

Moreover – adds Tetiana – “We are in constant contact with and with government representatives Red Cross international, to ensure that its mission is operating at its best. We do not know in what conditions our soldiers are held, if they are provided with food and medical assistance, if the Geneva Convention is respected. We only know that Russia He does not allow prisoners to meet with anyone, not even in the Red Cross.”

As for the numbers of detainees, “we know that approximately 2,400/2,500 people left Azovstal and 95 returned,” said the representative of the association, emphasizing as she did with the released prisoners, “how we fought for them, so we will fight for the others.”

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