University, places allocated to the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery are increasing for the next academic year

For the next school year There may be an additional 720 seats for candidates for College Medicine and surgery. It was founded by decree Signed by the Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Mesa, tentatively setting out the availability of access to a single-cycle Master’s degree course in Medicine for the 2022/2023 academic year. The number of available places indicated by universities in the database is 14,740 for candidates from EU and non-EU countries residing in ItalyAnd the Compared to 14,020 last yearand based on 1136 for candidates from non-EU countries residing abroad. The decree temporarily allocates places for universities pending an agreement within the Permanent Conference on Relations between the State and the Provinces and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano.

In addition to the decree on medicine and surgery – informing the Ministry – other Ministerial Resolutions (No. 1115 and 1112) have also been issued specifying available places, which are still awaiting approval, for master’s degree courses in Dentistry and dental prosthodontics And the Veterinary medicine. Regarding the first, the educational potential expressed by universities in the database is 1330 placesAs for the Masters course in Veterinary Medicine, the availability is 1,040.

Potential places available for health professions

Pending approval, there are also places for degree courses in health care professions. In total , For candidates from EU and non-EU countries residing in Italy, there are 31,730 (For the last academic year there were 30,180) divided as follows:

  • 1,097 for maternity, 264 for pediatric nursing and 17,997 for nursing,
  • 809 for Vocational Education,
  • 157 for foot diseases,
  • 2622 Physiotherapy,
  • 915 for speech therapy,
  • 309 Orthognathic and Ophthalmology Surgery,
  • 407 for the neurological and motor therapy of growing age,
  • 445 for Psychological Rehabilitation Technique,
  • 274 for occupational therapy,
  • 1212 for Biomedical Laboratory Technologies,
  • 1327 for medical radiology, imaging and radiotherapy techniques,
  • 185 for Neuropathology Techniques,
  • 199 for orthopedic techniques,
  • 320 for hearing aid technologies,
  • 243 for Cardiac Physiology and Cardiovascular Perfusion Techniques,
  • 825 for dental health,
  • 574 for Dietetics,
  • 95 for audiometric techniques,
  • 602 Healthcare E
  • 852 for Environmental and Workplace Prevention Techniques.

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