Vitamin E deficiency, the signals that the body sends to us

Our body is a perfect machine: when it is lacking in something, it warns us by sending us signals. If so, let’s learn about the symptoms of vitamin E deficiency.

Vitamin E Foods It Contains (Canvas)

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Our bodies are a perfect (or almost) machine: when they feel great imperfections, they send us gods Important signs to make us understand. We must be the first to know how to listen to our body and intervene at the right time. But let’s start from the beginning: What is a file? Vitamin E? It is an indispensable substance for the body and performs many functions: first of all it is a powerful substance Antioxidants Thus, it fights the signs of aging. Secondly, it also reduces the processes of platelet aggregation, thus counteracting the formation of emboli, plaques and thrombi in the arteries. It is also a valuable anticoagulant. But what happens to our body when there is Shortage of vitamin E? Let’s find out together.

Vitamin E deficiency, the signals that the body sends to us

The first symptom that can be accused is muscle weakness-Prevent common movements in daily life. drop in motor coordination. Still, you can feel it numbness And the Numbness on the parties. The immune system can also be affected by lowering defenses. Finally, difficulty concentrating through eyes Things that fall under our eyes.

Vitamin and its benefits Symptoms of deficiency
Vitamin E, where to find it (canvas)

An imbalance in the amount of vitamin E present in the body can mainly be caused by aimproper feeding. In that case, I will bring more to the table following foods: spinach, asparagus, chickpeas, avocado, nuts, broccoli, and sweet potatoes, to name a few.

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The daily dose of this substance recommended for adults is approx 15 milligrams. To reach this level, as mentioned earlier, you will have to eat the foods listed above. If that doesn’t work, you can call your doctor to get some Supplements. We also remember that vitamin E intake drops dramatically with cooking of food. For this reason, I raw foods It is they who provide this element the most.

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On the other hand, there can be consequences for the body even if you do this exceeded In the introduction of this vitamin into the body. In fact it could be the cause bleeding And the Problems with blood clotting. A Finnish and American study showed that the possibility of evolution brain attack It is much higher in individuals who consume a lot of vitamin E.

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