Water polo, defeated Italy in the World Cup final: Spain win on penalties

Suffering, ecstasy and finally bitterness. in Budapest sitbello He failed to confirm the world title won in Gwangju, South Korea, in 2019. Italy, led by Sandro Campana, surrendered in the World Championship final against historic rivals Spain. 15-14 on penalties after 9 all in regular time. Spain, perhaps the best-equipped team in Hungary, were ahead in the lead from the start: 6-3 in the first half and then 9-6 at the start of the last quarter. However, the Azure corrected the situation with a stunning ending. There are no additional penalties at once: two errors from Canella were fatal to Italy, against one mistake from Spain, to Monares.

During the normal minutes of the Azzurri on the Internet De Soma, Cinnamon (double him), Bruni, Fondelli, Martial, De Fulvio (penalty kick), Dolce and Preciotti. But for the Iberians, the goals were Granados (Poker goals for him), Monares (a double), Tahull, Perón and Famera.

This was the seventh final in the history of the World Cup for Citebello. Four titles remain in men’s water polo games in Italy: in 1978 in West Berlin, in 1994 in Rome, in 2011 in Shanghai, and three years ago in South Korea.

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