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.’s health status nails reveals a lot about person health Generally. Modifications to thicknesssubordinate the color Based on consistency In fact, they can indicate the presence of a disease, even a serious one, even before symptoms appear. From simple vitamin deficiency to more serious diseases such as Cancer and diabetesThis is what our fingernails can tell us.

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For example, it reveals Daily Beetz, Diabetics may notice that their nails are taking a yellowish hue; “This coloring often has to do with the breakdown of sugar and its effect on collagen in the nails,” he reads Healthline: “This type of yellowing is harmless. It doesn’t need treatment. But in some cases, yellowing can be a sign of a nail infection.”

The expert explains that “the appearance of nails indicates many common diseases” Elizabeth Salada. “It’s good to be aware of any changes in nail shape, thickness, texture and color and if they separate from the nail bed. Even slight redness on the underside is sometimes a symptom of diabetes.”

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“The coloration White/yellow/greenish and thickens inEnd From the nail it gradually spreads to the entire nail which can be thick and brittle‘, notes Practical Diabetes. The British Health website stresses the importance of recognizing these first signs to prevent and diagnose the disease promptly.

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