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Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for the overall health of our body that is mainly produced after exposure to sunlight. But how long does exposure to sunlight take to get enough vitamin D? Let’s go find out together.

take Sun It is one of the most important practices to hire one Daily dose of vitamin D. Necessary for our body.

Vitamin D: what is it?


there Vitamin D it’s a essential vitamin For the general health of our body, which in addition to being present in some foods, the body mainly produces it aftersun exposure.

that it fat soluble vitaminwhose main task is to ensure The proper functioning of bone metabolismHelps our bodies absorb football and protection muscles and the heart.

Ago Vitamin D It is rarely found in foods, and its possible deficiency is very common and can lead to the appearance of such diseases as: Cardiovascular disordersdiabetes, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

exposure to Sun It is the best way to avoid potential deficiency, as when our skin comes into contact with Sun lightour body transforms cholesterol present in the living organism in Vitamin D.

Vitamin D: How Much Sun Should You Eat?


But how long does it take to expose yourself to the sun to fill up? Vitamin D?

As we have seen, our bodies are capable of this endogenous vitamin D production When ultraviolet rays from sunlight hit the skin and lead to the synthesis of this substance.

Too sunbathing to greet And what better time to fill in the summer Vitamin D? However, we must be careful to expose ourselves in the right way. according to Veronese Foundation It will be enough 40 minutes a day to store vitamin D throughout the winter.

According to the studyPolytechnic University of ValenciaDuring the winter it takes more than Two hours of exposure to the sun to get the recommended daily dose of vitamin DAs for the rest of the year, it ranges between 10 minutes in the spring and summer and 30 minutes in the fall.

In conclusion, you can get a good dose of Vitamin D Without making any effort, simply by exposing ourselves to the sun for 10 minutes in the summer and an hour in the winter.

But the most important thing is the use sun creamsespecially in the hottest hours of the day, as it is necessary Protects against the risk of skin cancerAvoid redness and erythema and prevent photoaging of the skin.

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