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with the ‘inflation As it grows, the Italians table cries. Based on the results June 2022 stats (which has set a record since 1986), food commodities on supermarket shelves rose 8.8% compared to the same month last year. But there are products that reach much higher percentages. Like, for example, the increase in the cost Seed oils, especially sunflower oils who arrived at + 68.6%. put it there Coldiretti put a Black list Foods that are becoming expensive for Italians because they cost so much.

This is where sunflower oil comes in first because, as Coldiretti asserts, “it was affected by the conflict in Ukraine which is one of the major producers and had to stop shipments because of the war.” In second place is butter With +27.7% and in third place flourWith a price increase of 20.5% Increases in cereals which also affects macaroniAn increase of 18.3%. Follow ghee (+ 16.8%), Los Angeles chicken meat (+15.1%) on date rice (“With less than ten thousand hectares planted this year due to the drought also causing crops to be cut,” Coldiretti points out. Double increases also in an egg (+13.6%), followed by Chips (+13.5%) e sundae which cost 13.4% more than last year.

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Obviously, the price hike affects families, but its repercussions on the family are also heavyThe entire food chain Starting with the countryside where Coldiretti revealed that “more than one out of ten (11%) farms are on a single farm. very critical condition To stop activity and a well almost a third of the national total (30%) is anyway forced at the moment to work in a passive income state due to the increase in production costs, according to Krea. “In fact, in agriculture there are increases in costs ranging from +170% of fertilizer to +90% of feed to +129% of diesel.

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