WhatsApp is about to deliver much anticipated news about your online status

After dealing with the issue of WhatsApp and avatars, let’s go back to deepen these feature pages that the team behind the popular instant messaging app is working on. In fact, for the “Because It Has Never Been Done Before” series, it looks like it’s about to arrive A highly anticipated feature.

In particular, as reported by Engadget and WaBetaInfo and as you can see in the screenshot below the news, having an option related to Ability to hide online status. So we indicate a novelty in terms of privacy, which will allow users to prevent others from seeing them when they use the well-known instant messaging application.

The screenshot shared by WaBetaInfo links to the iOS version of the app for WhatsApp and highlights two possible options in terms of viewing the online status: “everyone” or “last entry”. So it seems that it would be possible to have more privacy also from this point of view, without other people seeing the word “online” at the exact time when the user is using WhatsApp. However, it is not clear when the option should be launched, because at the moment it is just one of the classic “WaBetaInfo discoveries”.

Anyway, remember that the team behind the popular instant messaging app has recently ‘layed its hand’ on it Other options on the privacy side, providing for example the ‘My Contacts Except’ option regarding displaying some information on WhatsApp. In short, it appears to be a period of modernity in this sense.

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