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From Mario Luzzato Figs

The deceased musician’s band was an icon in the ’60s and ’70s for those bands that wanted to connect with global trends through light, catchy pop music.

The chameleon of the late Tonino Crippese is a symbol of the boom of the complexes of the 1960s and 1970s. The desire to present foreign successes in our language, the desire to communicate what was happening around the world. In the case of the chameleon, or dick dick, it was an attractive light pop. Everyone did a little of everything.

The change in the movement of an element It was irrelevant to the end result. Among the songs that the chameleon brought to success love clock With a comprehensive quote from the Procol Harum song. still Applause, because I love you, forever. Every now and then they would indulge in pathetic like in the clip You Give Me a Baby. Mario Lavezzi and Tonino Cripisi, the hard core of the gang, lived in the same neighborhood on the outskirts of Milan. Their partnership was one that was interrupted by Lavezzi’s call to arms.

It is strange that the band In which they played together, they were called “hunters” who had been anticipating the trap for a few decades. It so happened that Tonino Cripzy died in the same hotel where Dick Dick was staying, and he also took part in a summer party. Upon hearing the news, leader Pietruccio Montalbetti commented to their opponents wistfully: There is no rivalry between the two historic teams. Tonino was such a nice person and a great artist.

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