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The numbers are rising. But in Hospitals Italianswhere positive patients are increasing Corona virus disease, the vast majority of patients are hospitalized for other diseases. Once at the ward, he also found out that he had the virus. Yesterday, the governor of Liguria, Giovanni Totti, attributed this phenomenon: “Covid has not had the same effects as it did two years ago. Today there are much fewer patients in our hospitals, in Liguria only 30% are actually hospitalized because of the virus, 70% are hospitalized for other reasons and then find out that they are positive and asymptomatic for routine swabs and are classified as covid patients.” Hence the request for a change The “approach” to “Covid”: “The government is restoring rules that no longer correspond to reality. Today we still consider it a more serious disease than it really is, with hospitals being organized according to the virus and therefore less effective in responding to other diseases, and the limitations in many areas of health care, a system of tampons producing thousands of asymptomatic. injured. He is forced to enter the house for days.

Why Omicron travels in the heat drastically changing the landscape

no alarm
there Omicron 5 It runs, but it does not frighten the governors. Even Attilio Fontana, President of Lombardy, yesterday in Libero called for calm: there is no alarm, the situation is under control in the hospitals. Mario Balzanelli, National Head of Emergency Health Services and Medical Emergencies (118), spoke yesterday of the assault on asymptomatic people in hospitals: “In the emergency rooms of this period, many people were found infected with the SARS virus. Completely asymptomatic. They are the people who come to accompany minors or the elderly, or to make medicines, and they have to take the swab as expected for anyone who gets to the emergency room.” There are many infected, and there are many positives with no symptoms or very slight symptoms. «It is an indication Very high circulation» confirms Balzanelli. This was also confirmed by the report of the Higher Institute of Health, which speaks of an increase in unreported cases: “At this stage, which is characterized by the circulation of highly contagious variants, it is likely that there will be a sharp increase in the proportion of people who have been infected With infections they were not notified to surveillance systems for reasons of underdiagnosis or self-diagnosis.” There are those who have no symptoms, or those who have had a smear negative, or those who are positive but do not report to the health system.

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fragile material
Once again, fragile subjects are seriously affected by Covid: the Omicron 5 variant, in these cases, can also affect the lungs. As Palzanelli notes, “Desaturation began to appear in the emergency room, especially in patients with oncology and hematology, despite the fourth dose of the vaccine.” In general, he adds, “the wards are filled with infectious diseases.” But in the mass of people taking (or recovering) from Covid disease, sporadic symptoms or, if any, infections of the upper respiratory tract predominate. Silvestro Scotti, Secretary General of the Italian Federation of General Practitioners Fimg, explains it well: “As family doctors, we see a massive increase in infections, but with a prevalence of symptoms affecting the upper respiratory tract, and therefore without an increase in terms of pneumonia.” Sewers are also seeing an increase in cases: the trend in Sars-CoV-2 concentration in wastewater has increased by more than 30% in the past two weeks. Yesterday was also the angry response from infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti to Nobel laureate Giorgio Baresi: “Baresi says it is “absurd to reduce the obligation to wear a mask”. It’s a bit like when, during the World Cup or the European Football Championship, everyone was training, they were all coaches.”

Why Omicron travels in the heat drastically changing the landscape

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