Who is Alicia Costantino, now married to David Silvestri / “Magic Moment”

Alicia Costantino, wife of David Silvestri

Perhaps not everyone knows that today is Sunday, July 3 Alicia Costantino and Davide Silvestri They will become husband and wife. He is an actor and well-known face of VIP Big Brother, she is an ordinary person, unknown to the entertainment world. We’ve seen her in action a few times, in recent months, when her reality show partner Alfonso Signorini got involved.

In the future David Silvestri’s wifeTherefore, information is scarce. In fact, in addition to being a character outside of the entertainment world, she is also a very reserved girl. It looks like Costantino doesn’t even have an Instagram profile, so there are very few public items about her.

Alicia Costantino, how much surprise your david during GF VIP

What is known thanks to stories David Silvestri, is that he is currently living in Brianza and they are both very much in love with each other. Last November, when her boyfriend was inside the house, Alicia had a very nice interview with Casa Chi, after she crossed the red door of the house to get a surprise. “It was a magical moment, I did not expect such a strong response from David. His kneeling was something unbelievable to me. Then emotions swelled over the situation and over the words he said to me,” Alicia explained.

“It didn’t seem real to me. In fact, even in the following days, I struggled a little to realize that it was real and not a dream”From that moment on, things happened again for the couple. In fact, the marriage proposal became official and today, Sunday 3rd of July, David and Alicia are getting married.

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