Would you like to drive in a tank? This is what the law says in Italy

Owning a working military vehicle is illegal in all countries of the world. In our area, you just need to have the correct driver’s license and follow some small tricks. Are you ready to play the most beautiful risks ever?

Some time ago, we saw an interesting story of the Elvis Stormer – an armored fighting vehicle – being sold in Britain when it was sold. normal carHere we are only talking about a 12.7-ton tracked tank. But how can such a car be legal on the road? It will surprise you to know, but even here, owning a real tank is completely legal.

“No, I won’t lend it to you to go shopping” (Wikipedia)

After all, although many conspiracy theorists on the Internet complain about the fact that nothing can be done in Italy etc., our country It has rather lax rules: By following these simple tricks, you can also drive an armored vehicle on the road even if, as we will reveal at the end, there is a very small problem …

First of all, if you don’t want to spend a fortune, you can drive someone else’s tank – or military vehicle -: they offer you services like Apokas Paintball. Large selection of armored, tracked and wheeled vehicles Once you belong to armies from all over Europe to be driven legally and at bargain prices: we’re talking about 150 euros an hour, depending on the car, with a coach ready to follow you to keep you from doing damage. But you really want your own buggy! So here’s how.

Is it really worth it?

First, to drive a tank, first make sure you are there The correct driver’s license. A C license, for example, allows you to drive vehicles weighing between 3.5 and 7.5 tons, and this list also includes many armored off-road vehicles or small tracked vehicles that you can find for sale on specialized sites. But do not think to take your new purchases on the ring road: to transport special military vehicles from one land to another, Public roads cannot be usedAnd the. In fact, the vehicle must be loaded onto a special transport truck for any movement outside your property.

M113 Hard Times 22_06_2022 Quattromania
In the meantime, the police are already preparing (hard times)

Also, you can’t – of course – Action weapons mount On your new tank, no matter what license you may have in your pocket. Law 185/1990 is very clear and states that any weapon system including additional armor and military-grade electronic equipment on board a vehicle must be permanently disabled.

And here we come to the main problem of owning a tank: you find yourself in your hands a car that is driven for hundreds of thousands of euros, expensive to maintain, polluted, and tends to consume a lot of diesel. Then you need a truck to transport it from one part of the country to another because it cannot drive on most of the public roads in your city. You can’t even use it To make something explode in the polygon. Of course you can drive a tank in Italy: the question is, is it worth it?

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