A large glass of strawberries over Sella del Diavolo in Cagliari

The moon depicted rising along the devil’s saddle is today the protagonist in this NASA astrological image for the day. The popular APOD (Astronomical Image of the Day) page, which tells of the daily wonders of the universe, shows a red moon streaming along the Cagliari outcrop.

The author of the shoot, Sardinian photographer Lorenzo Pocilacci, who composed a series of six shots commemorating the rise of the moon on June 15, the day after the supermoon.

“I wanted to show the moon in a natural and urban context,” declared Bucilacci, “and the reddish moon seems to embrace the city and the famous Silla in motion.” A shot that commemorates those few minutes when the moon has risen and that tells the whole world about a natural monument, beloved by all the citizens of Cagliari.

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