A new device imposed by the European Union on itself

The European Union has imposed a new obligation on all cars in production, a system which in the meantime should be standard on all newly approved cars from July 6, and mandatory from 2024. A speed limiting device. But what is this?

New EU commitment on cars from 2024

The speed limiter is a novelty introduced by the European Union on all new vehicles starting from 6 July, so it will soon be added as standard on every car. From 2024, it will become mandatory on every new car sold within the European Union. A step forward as far as road safety goals On our continent, even if during the first phase of use (in the future we still don’t know) every driver will still have the possibility to deactivate it.

How does a car speed limiter work?

First, the name of the new device approved by the European Union ISA, which stands for Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance It uses a combination of data from GPS, the vehicle’s emergency braking system, and cameras to recognize road signs, detect the appropriate speed to keep in each section, alert the driver of the vehicle when you exceed the limit, and issue visual and acoustic signals.

If the driver exceeds the speed limit imposed by law for a particular road, the limiter applicable to the vehicle sends audio signal Very similar to that which begins when seat belts are not fastened, bent and irritates at the correct point, and then begins by sending vibration On the throttle and on the driver’s seat. In the event that a person remains behind the wheel without adapting the speed to the limits imposed by law (while also risking a large fine), the new ISA reduces the speed of the car independently, and operates with an automatic braking system. Return the device to the correct permissible limit.

When it comes into effect

As we have already defined, the EU decision states that all new machines to be certified from July 6, 2022 must be produced by car manufacturers with the speed limiter already installed, and therefore can only be sold after the introduction of the ISA. For cars with previous homologation, it will be possible to adapt to new equipment no later than July 7, 2024. For all vehicles already in circulation, there is no modification.

Speed ​​limiter: will it always be active?

In fact, as we have already predicted, no: at least at first it could be the new ISA for cars handicapped by the driver at any time. The speed limiter is only intended to be installed: to increase road safety. The problem is that there are still many roads where speed limit signs relating to work already completed or road signs placed on the side of the road have been left even before the construction site begins. Or again, we know there are different limits depending on the type of vehicle you’re driving or the track occupied while turning. For this reason, it is currently envisaged that the ISA can be temporarily deactivated, even if in the future it is expected to create a stable and irreversible system, preventing any overclocking.

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