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Bologna, July 4, 2022 – Tomorrow ends A year without Raffaella Cara. And in the city he saw grow, Bellaria Igea MarinaOnly tomorrow will come Bicycle and pedestrian walkwaycomplete with a plate and side dish of performances – songs, ballets, memories – about what he was called as his childhood Lella.

But Rafa was – in fact – a national heritage. Singer, dancer, actress, presenter, she liked to say about herself that it was like a “live video”: you had to listen to it and, above all, watch it. And viewers will do it in the long non-stop period that Rai dedicates to Kara. After yesterday’s Tg3 broadcast, Raffaella’s programs will follow each other for an entire week, demonstrating the audience’s love for patriotic Raffa.

Rafaela Cara: It’s been a year since her death

Waterfront in Bellaria

Thus, the waterfront, which is an important part of the urban project of the city, will bear the name Raffaella: the star of the show whose history is inextricably linked with that of the Bellaria Igea Marina.
The appointment with the address is set for tomorrow, Tuesday, July 5, 6 p.m. in Kennedy Square. young students from Municipal Music School At the Vittorio Pelli Center, but they will also be present Famous national artists. Songs and ballets interspersed with memories will be the prelude to the official speeches of the authorities.
mayor Filippo Giorgetti She declares: “During the ceremony, we will discover the toponymy board, but above all we thought of an entertaining moment, especially honest and meaningful to the whole community, to remember the famous citizen through the music and joy that has always marked her artistic career path.”

Raffaella Cara, a world star

The queen of television – in black and white and in color – has hosted many successful TV shows (starting with “95” Carramba! What a Surprise, which scored sensational mass recordings), Raffaella Carrà has been an international star, and a symbol of lightness and stubbornness. with him Navel Reveal and Tuca Tuca He was able to explain the desire for freedom and infringement in the seventies I have publicly pledged to support Perfect and social battles: respect gay community, promotion adopt distanceGreat interest in vocational training for young people.

She died on July 5, 2021 at the age of 78, silently because she hid the disease that afflicted her. She wanted to be remembered as she had always been: beautiful and radiant, with her loud, unmistakable laugh.
Raffaella Cara is definitely the history of television.

She sold 60 million recordspublished in 37 countries In the world. In Spain, in Madrid, where he worked for many years, he was July 6 One will be dedicated to her Square during gay pride week.

Tribute to Rafaela: Rai schedule

Rai devotes extensive space to the memory of the artist in its schedules: from “Unomattina Estate” to “Summer in Direct”, from national news programs to regional editions of TGR. This is the full schedule:

Tuesday 5 July

– 1.00 PM Rai Storia – Raffaella in Black and White: 1960s to 1970. Raffaella began working on television in small parts in some theatrical works and written novels, and in minor genres, making use of her training at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. Experience a film career, even abroad, as evidenced by a rare interview conducted in New York with news reporter Ruggiero Orlando. The occasion takes place between 1969 and 1970, when he persuaded Giovanni Salvi, CEO of Rai, to have his own place in the show. “I am Agata and you”.
– 3.15 pm – start to say – In the speech broadcast in 2019, Rafaela Cara gives interviews to the heroes of music, film and entertainment.
– 7.30 pm Ray Storia – Hello RafaelaRevolution Debut – An anthology from the first episode (October 3, 1983) of the show that revolutionized public television, discovering a new time period and a new way of doing entertainment. In that first episode, the guest was Renzo Arbor, who in 1976 was the first to audition by phone on Rai.
– 8.30 p.m. Rai 1 – Techetecheté dedicates an entire episode to the queen of television, and proposes The most popular and popular clips From the broadcast entered into the history of the small screen.

Wednesday 6th July

1:00 p.m. – Ray Storia – Rafaela in Black and White: The Same Songs – Chapter Two of Rafaela Cara’s biography. She was immediately rewarded with high approval ratings, and was chosen as a showgirl for Kanzonissima 1970/71Together with Corrado, she immediately puts a new supermodel on TV. The couple was called in the 1971/72 edition, edition “Toca Toca”.
– 7.30 pm Ray Storia – She ended up telling the story: An anthology of Interviews with Raffaella Carrà released on Rai by Enzo Biagi (2000), Bruno Vespa (2004), Vincenzo Mollica (2007), and Fabio Fazio (2013 and 2019).
– 9.10 p.m. Rai Storia – Rafaela Cara, a great personal life on the small screen, has gone through various phases of her television career: singer, dancer, author, presenter, talent scout. A journey into the career of the Queen of Television and into the passions she has given Italians in her 60-year career.

Thursday 7 July

– 1:00 pm – Ray Storia – Selections from the TV series “What an evening” (1978), directed by Gino Landi, the first color show with Kara, who shares space with impersonator Alighiero Nuches (who he had already worked with on Canzonissima ’71) and married couple Paolo Panelli Pace Valore. On the air since March 4, 1978, “Ma che sera” became famous. Opening theme “Happy Birthday” – Filmed in Italia at Miniatura in Rimini – and for poetry “How beautiful it is to make love from Trieste down” and finds himself transported during the kidnapping of Moro, with the subtle desire to entertain Italians at a tragic moment in Republican history.

Friday July 8

One o’clock in the evening – Ray Storia – Anthology of the 1981 TV show “billion”, “American” program saw Raffaella Cara as an international presenter. The program, which is a “summary” of Kara’s international career, was recorded around the capitals of countries where the success of the showgirl was exciting: Buenos Aires, Rome, Mexico City, London, Moscow, at that time the capital of the USSR was separated from each other. The Iron Curtain of the Cold War.

Saturday 9th July

– 1:00 pm – Ray Storia – Selections from the TV show Mellosi In 1974 directed by Antonello Valcke, author with Roberto Lirrisi of this journey about the history of the show, which Raffaella Cara with Mina They perform as a couple, the first time two women have come together.

RaiPlay and good evening Rafaela

For the anniversary, the Rai platform first published episodes of Kara’s historical program, prime-time on Rai 1 from December 1985 to March 1986. The fifteen episodes were produced partly in Rome and partly in New York, with the participation of many Italian and international guests.
Also available on RaiPlay Canzonissima (two seasons, 1970-1971), Mellosi (8 episodes 1974), But what an evening (6 episodes 1978), Karamba! what a surprise (8 episodes 1995) is a fictional and film starring Kara. RaiPlay Sound – On the homepage is a tape of audio contributions from various Rai Radio programs with interviews with the showgirl and excerpts from shows in which she was the hero. For the occasion, the audio version of All colors of Rafaa program already in the RaiPlay catalog, which praises Raffaella Carrà by reclaiming her career.

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