About to finish the historical face of the forum

Big Brother VIP

Director Chi talks with a famous host and brother of a famous TV comedian

Alfonso Signorini looking for paw live. Last year, these days, he was closing negotiations on Al Big Brother VIP Katia Ricciarelli. This year, the big hit may be the historical face of forumAnd the Rita Dalla Chiesa. Dagospia explains that the host and journalist were contacted by Chi’s editor and staff. Dialogue has begun to make it the most spied on place at home in Italy and it will be well advanced. The Dalla Chiesa reports, that the gate, directed by Roberto D’Agostino, still has doubts, but is working to close it with some contractual concessions. And the surprises don’t end there.

Among the competitors, Dagospia says, there will also be an RTL speaker and Striscia la Notizia reporter. Charlie Gnocchi is Jane’s brother. And there are ongoing negotiations as well, in this case too, not yet completed, with the former swimmer Leonardo Tomoto Which would guarantee the classic “sports quota”, which was always present in the most spied on houses in Italy (last year there was Aldo Montano). Attend the Max FelicitasAdult Film Actor. A man should join the cast even if some problems remain to be solved tuft.

Who will be there undoubtedly is Shadia Rodriguez, He is a 23-year-old rapper of Moroccan and Spanish origin. Born in Almeria, Spain, raised in Turin, she moved to Milan to be a model and singer. To announce it, it was Signorini herself who posted a photo of her handbag, which made her unequivocally understand that the young woman would be part of the cast.

Games are also rumored to be designed for the influencer Asia Giannis And for the ex-partner of Belen Rodriguez, Antonino Spinalbes (The Argentine model would not have liked La Spezia being chosen to participate in the reality show.)

Other hot names are Guendalina Canessa, Antonella Fiordelisi, Alvaro Vitali, Pamela Prati, Gigliola Cinquetti, Manuela Arcuri, daughter of Vittorio Sgarbi (Evelina), Antonio Razzi, Brenda Asnicar and Federico Fashion Style.

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