Amber Heard requests an annulment of the trial she lost against Johnny Depp-

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According to the legal team of the actress convicted of defamation, there was insufficient evidence in the legal dispute

. legal team Amber Heard She demanded a ruling against her in the defamation case brought by her ex-husband Johnny Depp Come Totally abolished, including more than $10 million in compensation it was asked to pay. The new step in the dispute between the actors that has received very high media attention in recent months is justified, according to Heard, by lack of evidence which led to his conviction. The actress also claims that the verdict against her was excessively heavyBoth were convicted of defaming each other.

In a 43-page document filed last Friday, his lawyers also believe there was a file An error in recording the birth year of a juror Who Participated in the Trial: Born in 1945, the juror will apparently be born after 1970, a discrepancy that would call into question the adequacy of juror examinations.

Heard’s appeal was expected: The lawyer in charge of Depp’s legal team – who in the meantime has resumed his activities as a musician and will also be in concert in Italy – accepted the proposal saying simply: It was what we expected, only longer, but no more substantial.

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