Amber Heard requests that the trial she lost against Johnny Depp be overturned

Nothing was already expected or announced but here is confirmation of it Amber Heard Not commensurate with the ruling that her ex-husband won Johnny Depp in the process of defamation against him. In fact, the plaintiff’s attorneys filed a motion to set aside the trial, including $10.35 million in damages awarded to the plaintiff. Pirates of the Caribbeanwho meanwhile tours the world with her concerts and gives fans hope that the franchise will return.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, actresses now seek oomph: “It’s not over here.” It is a risk of bankruptcy

by Massimo Basile

In the wake of the ruling, the actress announced that she would appeal. Heard’s attorney’s claim is based on the belief that there was insufficient evidence presented and that there was an official defect regarding a juror born in 1970, although court officials cited the year of birth as 1945. According to them, this error indicates that the jurors were not adequately supervised. According to lawyers who follow Heard, the actress’s $10.35 million compensation against Depp is “inconsistent and irreconcilable” with the jury’s conclusion that both of her ex-husbands had discredited each other.

Amber Heard continues to blame Johnny Depp: ‘He lied, saying he didn’t hit me’

by Giovanni Galliardi

After the Virginia trial ended, Amber Heard appeared on some broadcasts, notably in a lengthy interview with NBC, repeating her version of the facts (“I told the truth in the face of power and I paid the price”) and argued that the jury was influenced by the ex-husband’s media role: “The The jury was not immune and the trial was not fair.”

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