Briatore, Michel Hunziker and Aurora’s Pizza Crazy Promote: ‘Fun’

After being at the center of controversy for weeks, Flavio Briatore’s “Pizza for the Rich” at Crazy Pizza beat the VIPs. Aurora Ramazzotti and Michele Hunzker, while eating it, cannot even speak: «Pleasure». With the two women there is also Tommaso Zorzi, Ori’s best friend.

Briatore and Pizza: “Does it cost 4 euros in Naples? Maybe San Gennaro will help them pay their taxes.”

Michelle Hunziker and Ori are promoting Briatore Pizza

A simple margherita costing only 15 euros at the entrepreneur chain, then they took a pizza with raw ham and finally on the table they could not miss the queen of the restaurant’s pizza: La Pata Negra. It is she who makes the most of all discussions, along with truffles. the reason? Its cost: 65 euros. From here began the controversy, from which Briatore got out by flipping the problem and asking the Neapolitan pizza chefs who put a margherita for 5 euros how it could be sold at such low numbers. So the accusation is that ingredients are not of the highest quality.

What Michelle said

Yesterday at the pizzeria in Milan, the very comfortable Tommaso, Aurora and Michele Hunziker, who had just returned from vacation with her new partner Giovanni Angiolini, were seated at the table. The three ate together and on social networks they did not forget to show everyone what they ate and where they ate. Good? asks the daughter of Eros Ramazotti, I can’t even speak with pleasureIn short, whether criticized or not, Pizza Briatore is very popular. And advertising is guaranteed

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