Bulgarian government complaint: “The intelligence has evidence that Moscow is paying public figures to spread propaganda”

Bulgarian intelligence will have data showing that the Kremlin pays a salary of about 2,000 euros a month to prominent figures in the country.including journalists, politicians and analysts, to spread Moscow’s propaganda in Bulgaria. bring it back uractiveQuoting the words of the Chief of the Cabinet Office Lena Borislavova to me Darek Radio, the largest Bulgarian private broadcaster. “All of you, who spit on the EU and NATO for free and support Putin’s work, should know that you have been misled. Those who inspire you to think in this way get paid little monthly, the official explained. The propaganda will be transmitted by playing with the misunderstandings and fears that come”Passed as items of national importance“,” Noting that Russia got in the way when it learned this Sofia was determined to expel 70 Russian diplomats. The pressure came from the Kremlin ambassador in Bulgaria, Eleonora Mitrofanova. After Bulgaria refused, the ambassador left her office and flew to Moscow on Sunday 3 July, threatening to close the embassy.

Based on reports PoliticianRussian propaganda has always found fertile ground in Bulgaria. Opinion polls indicate In June 2022, 38% of Bulgarians would have voted to leave NATO, and 57% do not consider Russia a threat, despite the invasion of Ukraine. In the end, 30% consider Moscow the most important strategic partner of Sofia. On the other hand, Bulgarians who consider Russia a threat have also increased, reaching 33% (compared to 3% in 2021). the same proportion, however, Sees the United States as a threat (compared to 16% in 2021). Bulgaria has been the target of systematic disinformation campaigns for years, a Politician analyst Goran Georgiev, from the Sofia Center for Democracy Studies. “Some Bulgarians categorically believe in conspiracy theories and have lost faith in the traditional media.” In February 2022, shortly after the start of the war, Bulgarian Defense Minister Stefan Yaniv He had described the war in Ukraine as a “military operationbefore the Prime Minister scolds him Kirill Petkov.

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