Chief Operating Officer – resigns

The chief of operations for EasyJet as one of Europe’s largest airlines is adjusting flight schedules, including through major cancellations. COO Peter Bello has resigned from his position “to pursue other career opportunities,” easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren says in a letter to employees. He was temporarily replaced by David Morgan, who has worked at Orange Airlines since 2016 and already in 2019 held the position of COO (permanently on a temporary basis) for about a year.

the message

“I would like to thank Peter for his hard work and wish him well. All of us at easyJet continue our focus on providing a safe and reliable service this summer,” the CEO continues in the internal message and confirms how Bello will remain for a while to ensure a smooth transition. “I’m glad the operations are in the capable hands of David Morgan who can take on the job quickly.” British Airways explained in a press release that it is committed to ensuring its operations with 1,700 flights and more than 250,000 passengers per day.

6% of flights canceled

The resignation – even if there are insiders who believe it was “facilitated” by senior management – comes at a difficult time for easyJet and the industry. And the company had announced in recent weeks the cancellation of at least 10,000 flights out of 160,000 flights scheduled between July and September, just over 6%, due to the lack of cadres affecting the entire air transport. 72% of passengers affected by cancellation – according to what courier – They have already been placed on alternate flights no later than 24 hours after the originally planned flight. But there are still 28% of customers – more than 420,000 according to an estimate – who will have to quit another day or will have to seek reimbursement.

Fist with guilds

Bello’s exit – which more than one person has linked to the chaos of these weeks – matured last January after another friction with the drivers’ unions which then exploded into a spring break especially in shift management. Bello is one of the most famous figures in air transportation in the world. He was Ryanair’s COO, then in 2015 he went to Malaysia Airlines right after the two tragedies (the disappearance of a Boeing 777 in the Indian Ocean and the shooting down of another Boeing 777 over the Russian-Ukrainian border) to become CEO in July. 2016. For “personal reasons” In October 2017, he returned to Ryanair to manage the low-cost operational chaos that had led to the cancellation of thousands of flights.

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