Cholesterol and high blood pressure fight each other ‘at breakfast’, and here’s a very good recipe that is also good for your health

Cholesterol and high blood pressure are the main “enemies” of our health. But we can fight them (too) at breakfast.

We know one Proper nutrition he is Essential from the first months of life. with the years go byHowever, it almost has problems physiological.

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We can Fighting the “signs of aging” on healthAlways Control the way we eat. Of course, in case of serious diseases or conditions Treatments and treatments to be adoptedafter, after diagnose You did it yourself Doctor.

but hm The doctors themselves who – which We always advise block rather than ‘find cover’ When symptoms of a health problem appear. as we know, Cholesterol and high blood pressure are mortal enemies of the heart. They don’t “go side by side”, of course. But high blood pressure can lead to Vascular lesionswhich in turn became A ‘breeding ground’ for the accumulation of cholesterol. If the arteries are in pain, circulation becomes more difficult and the risk of it rising Heart attack or stroke.

carry out however healthy practices We can definitely Facing the beginning of the above conditions. Among the many systems, today we propose a “recipe” for breakfast, which, in addition to performing well, is also very good.

Cholesterol and high blood pressure battle each other “at breakfast”, here’s the recipe

We know that very well There are some foods that contain beneficial substances for our body. Definitely the best idea is Followed by your doctor Or from a nutritionist. Because Each of us is differenthas equally different needs and Responses to treatments and stimuli resident Different.

But you don’t need to “go away” for Choose healthy foodsIt is good for health, and it is also good. Not to mention the fact that they are found in all supermarkets and are cheap. Immediately, Fresh and healthy breakfast idea And it can – along with other habits – Fight high cholesterol.

They will simply serve A jar of plain yogurt, apple, avocado, some nuts and oats. Cut the avocado and apple into small pieces according to your taste. Then add it to the yogurt and decorate everything with chopped walnuts and oats.

The result Sarah Beautiful, fresh and delicious. And these days intense heat It will also give great comfort.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and occasionally relates to scientific studies published in medical journals. It therefore does not replace the advice of a physician or specialist, and should not be taken into account when formulating treatments or a diagnosis)

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