Comes from Singapore beer produced with waste water

How is NEWBrew made?

– German barley, American hops, Norwegian yeast and … purified Singaporean wastewater. These are the ingredients for the “New Generation” blonde beer. Those who tried it appreciated its taste, declaring that it tasted reminiscent of honey. He told the BBC: “I can’t seriously say it’s made from sewage.”

Qiu Wei Lian

One of the first to test the new box.

Currently, there is only one type of NEWBrew on the market in the Asian city-state, which is Tropical blonde beerhighly fermented blonde beer containing 5% alcohol.

water purification process

– The government project expects that the water coming from the latrines is subjected to micro-filtration to get rid of fine particles and viruses. In particular, bacteria are eliminated through the ultraviolet process. After the stage of reverse osmosis and disinfection, the water is basically pure again.

water problem

Singapore, which lacks fresh water sources, relies on wastewater recycling and desalination schemes to meet the population’s water needs. Singapore is highly dependent on rainfall, and generally suffers from a water shortage problem. “Our goal is to raise awareness among residents about the importance of sustainable use and recycling of water,” recalls the project’s promoters.

on a planet whereblue gold As it runs out, alternatives such as beer fermented with waste water should be considered.

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