David and Valeria are about to kiss but…

Valeria and David are about to kiss, but cannot do so due to the intervention of Aurelio, who has come to deliver Cardenas the fake letter from Rodrigo, penned by Marcelo; Moreover, the latter told Aurelio that Genoveva made one of Rodrigo’s real messages disappear and the man decided it was time to intervene.

Pascual discovers that Guillermo is taking lessons from Liberto only to be next to Azucena, he gets angry and prevents him from continuing.

Luis Manas is about to enter into threats to persuade Fabiana to sell her pension, but Genoveva, as soon as she singles him out with an excuse, threatens him and tells him that if he does not leave Acacias immediately, he will pay the consequences.

Ramon thinks about the article and would like to publish it in the name of Fidel. However, the man tends to hesitate, at which point Lolita orders him to reveal to Ramon how things are really going.

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