Egypt: Two tourists killed by a shark in the Red Sea

two tourists Foreigners, Austrian and Romanian, stay Killed in a shark attack south of Hurghadain the Red Sea. This was stated by the Egyptian authorities. The local governor has I ordered the beaches closed from the area for three days. A video was posted on social media showing a 68-year-old tourist from Tyrol fighting to get back to shore before the water around her turned red. The Tourism Ministry said a team of experts was working to “identify the scientific causes and circumstances of the attack” and determine the “reason for the behavior” of the shark.

Fatal attacks were recorded in 2018, when a Czech tourist was killed, and in 2015 a German citizen died when In 2010, there were five attacks in five days near Sharm el-SheikhOne dead and 4 wounded. The tourism On the Red Sea is uOne of the main sources of the economy In the region, which has already been subjected to political turmoil in the last decade and more recently due to the Covid virus.

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