Extend Usca Law At Least Until Dec 31st As Covid Case Count Resumes – Friulisera

Extension of the state of Osca until at least December 31 thanks to the resumption of the number of infections and the privacy of the residents of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with a large part of the elderly: this is the proposal submitted to the region by Fimmg (Italian Federation of General Practitioners) the largest national trade union in the sector which includes in Friuli Venezia Giulia has more than 300 members. The proposal comes after the expiration of the Usca, the special continuity of care units that have been very useful in the health emergency phase of managing the home for people with Covid-19, even in community situations such as schools and businesses where infections are spreading. The units that were replaced as of July 1 on the regional territory by Uca (continuity assistance units), however, created administrative problems, from fixing shifts to compensating doctors. Not all Italian regions went this way.

Regional Secretary Fimg Fvg Dr. Fernando Agrusti

“As in Emilia-Romagna – explains Fimmg Fvg Regional Secretary Dr. Fernando Agrusti – the region has extended Usca until the end of the year. An option we think can be useful at this moment in which we see how the spread of infection is regaining strength especially among the elderly population, who Here in Friuli Venezia Giulia there are too many. We are in the midst of the peak of the epidemic and you better not let your guard down. In these months of extension, a discussion can then open between the doctors and the regional administration about the best way to manage the units in terms of hours and pay. The general practitioners were in We have been on the front lines since the beginning of the health emergency and they will continue to do their duty, and we are certainly not backing down: we are only asking not to interrupt a working system and at the same time we are talking about pandemic management. Once the emergency is over with the various stakeholders.”

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