F1, How does Halo work: the titanium bar that saved Zhou’s life. Rollbar Secret: Protection destroyed

to me Silverstone He feared the worst, but in the end Guanyu Zhou He came out unscathed from the horrific accident that saw him involved in the beginning of the race in one Mega Carrom Which also included other cars. The sound is at the same time a high praise safety subordinate Formula 1 Thanks to the latest legislation introduced by the FIA ​​in 2018 (No. 8856-2018). The Chinese driver no shock From his destroyed Alfa Romeo car, he was taken to the medical center, where it was confirmed that it was not there fractions.

Two serious accidents at Silverstone, but corona saves everything
Safety cells, tougher one-seat bodies, flame retardant suits for more than 20 seconds (we all remember an accident Grosjean In Bahrain in 2020, who came out of the fire on his own at the right time Hass after touching the barricades), but also the helmet, belts, and gloves, even Hans e Hello. Only the last is what save his life To Chu, in danger decapitation After his Alfa Romeo “rollover”, after calling the crazy Mercedes contact, who met Gasly to end up on tour against Guanyu (and then George immediately ran to check the health of the Chinese who ended up behind the Abbey hurdles, turn 1). Aura also saved a life Roy Nisani in a race F2 A few hours ago, in contact with a car Dennis Hoger: It ended up right above the head of the first, who would definitely have been injured without the aura.

This is how aura works
But how does aura work? First of all is curved bar Developed to protect head From the pilots, they were presented with the 2018 FIA regulations (already mentioned) on driver safety. advertising system aura Connected to three arms at many different points of the frame (left, right and in front of the heads of the pilots who race the FIA ​​World Championship on single seats). It is made in Titanium And protects the head of the knight, not only prevent hats Touch the asphalt, but also refused dangerous things that can come from the track. Here we remember an incident Felipe Massa in Hungary in 2008, which reported a concussion Hit him with a bullet in the head at a speed of more than 200 km / h spring It weighs around 800g, separate from its fellow countryman’s Brawn GP Robbins Barrichello. With Halo there will be no problems. For added safety, thedad In the pilots helmet (advanced ballistic protection): a kind of protective beam It is made of carbon that strengthens the casing and protects against impact with objects larger than the bullet at high speed, that is, up to 220 grams for 250 km / h.

Pilot survival increased by 17% with Halo
In short, sacred aura, as well as all the other tools that in recent years have greatly increased the safety of pilots. The latest death in F1 is a death Jules Bianchi at Suzuka in 2014. In a simulation carried out by the FIA, using data from 40 incidents trulythe use of a head protection system resulted in a 17% increase About odds rate Survival from the pilot. Here, too, is emphasized by examples Monza 2021 and the above Bahrain 2020. Red Bull last year Verstappen on mercedes Hamilton At the Autodromo Nazionale (Max’s wheel would have ended on the head of the Englishman), in Sakhir two years ago was the connection of Haas Grosjean with the barriers that caused the flames to erupt, but kept the Frenchman aware that he could thus escape the fire, and get right some burns On the hands and feet.

Rollbar Zhou destroyed, the FIA ​​will investigate the causes
However, if one rejoiced in Zhou’s saved life, one should ask why The menu bar Alfa Romeo’s main driver went destroyedWhen this is designed to withstand the effects of weight Seven times higher Compared to F1 2022, it’s heavier than in the past (minimum group 795kg, +43kg compared to 2021 single-seater). The rolling rod is the protective structure During On top of the pilot, designed to protect pilots just in case coup from your car. Just look at the pictures once s 42 From Zhou overturns, the central structure is located just behind Guanyu’s head and at the top no longer exists. And the Chinese were saved only thanks to the halo in front of the head. All this is probably because a lot of weight Single seat also at top speed from the car at the moment of impact on the asphalt, before it has finished walking over the barrier. There is no point in speculating now, Fi (The International Federation) will investigate the reasons for the interruption.

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