Fake water worker robs 88-year-old man

The plague of so-called deception against the elderly does not stop. And they are, in fact, not hoaxes but real home thefts. The last episode was on Saturday morning in the Via Madrosa. The victim is an 88-year-old retired living alone at home after being widowed a few years ago. Hit a man pretending to be a water technician. The thief started his work very early, just after eight in the morning, and it was almost certain that the thief was in control of his victim. Not only did he choose who to strike, but he probably had plenty of time to decide the most appropriate time to take action and steal the confidence of the unfortunate pensioner.

Therefore, the jackal beat the victim, saying that he is the watcher of the waters. Opened the pensioner and allowed him to enter. Also because, as always, scammers know how to deceive their victims. Kindness, rivers of words, storytelling skills, great empathy. In short, all the perfect baggage of fantasy and fraud just to be able to steal an elderly person’s savings.

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