Fastbacks increase, BMW x6 and Renault Arkana have a new competitor

In 2023, the new Citroen C4-X will debut, an SUV coupe designed to compete with many similar cars currently on the market. In addition to the version with an internal combustion engine, there will also be an electric motor. Here is everything you need to know about this new car produced by the French automaker!

Citroen C4-X Increases Fastback – Motori.News

The news continues regarding the market release of new cars from every car manufacturer. This time it’s Citroen’s turn! The French automaker decided to bet everything on the Citroen C4-X, The new SUV coupe that will ensure comfort and ease of use from all points of view. In fact, This new version will be 24 cm longer than the previous Citroen C4.

The total length of the car, in fact, will be exactly 4.6 meters. So there will be much more space. This will improve interior comfort for both the driver and passengers, but there will be more space in the trunk too!

Citroen e-C4-X
Citroen C4-X: The new Citroen ‘creature’ will also be available in an electric version – Motori.

The Citroen C4-X will be available in an endothermic mode, with diesel or petrol cars, and in an electric version (e-C4 X). This new Citroen is significantly different from its predecessor due to the distinctive stylistic difference at the rear. In fact, the rear window is noticeably different and more inclined from the classic C4.

The high seats will ensure comfort while driving thanks to the strong cushioning 15 mm extra. Good luggage capacity 510 liters! In terms of style and design, the car is very curvy and linear and is also available in two colours, with a black roof that can be combined with different body colors! It will be for the electric version 50 kWh and drive from 136 hp and 260 Nm!

Citroen C4-X
Here’s the new Citroen C4-X: it will debut in 2023 – Motori.News

Citroen C4-X: it will also be available in the electric version!

The price of the new C4-X should be slightly higher than that of the C4. BMW x6 and Renault Arkana warned: they will have a new fierce competitor starting fromearly 2023. In a few months, we will see this new Citroen model for the first time on the street!

Head of Citroen Brand Design, pierre leclerc, Talk about this new “creature” of the French car manufacturer based in Poissy: The e-C4-X and C4-X stand out from the crowd: Keep the roundness and the unmistakable formal language that Citroën is up front, but when you ride around in the car you can see that The silhouette is very different and more dynamic”.

The new Citroen C4-X
The back of the new Citroen C4-X – Motori.News

Pierre Leclerc explained the main distinguishing features of this new Citroen: “We wanted to add length for extra passenger comfort and a very large luggage compartment, but without making the car square or clumsy. The Fastback roofline is combined with a higher ride height and black plastic caps on the bottom, which hide the length and give an almost sporty thrust forward”.

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