Fear of infection and local measures

Cases continue to increase across Europe, but restrictions are lower: the situation

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L ‘Covid emergency It is not over yet, as many cases have been registered in the past few hours in Italy and also throughout Europe. But despite this, tourism does not stop and vacationers themselves do not allow themselves to stop due to fear of the epidemic, which has now come to an end. Seventh wave.

Despite the ongoing state of emergency, in many destinations Commitments and testimonies against Covid stopped The risk of infection can be high.

Covid threat, situation in Europe

If in Italy Covid seems to be traveling in ever higher numbers every day, with Omicron 5 increasing more and more, in the rest of Europe you certainly can’t sleep peacefully. there GreeceFor example, for ECDC, it is in the dark red range with an intense spread of the virus and an incidence of 1125 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants (in Italy 981).

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More than a thousand things are common too AustriaAnd the CyprusAnd the FranceAnd the GermanyAnd the LuxembourgAnd the Portugal Even the remote control Iceland..

Measures around Europe

In this scenario, of course, there are many questions about the holidays of millions of people. Indeed, there are many countries that, despite the ongoing Covid emergency, say goodbye to restrictions. in GreeceFor example, the only official recommendations remain to wear masks in enclosed and crowded spaces.

in Great BritainWith more than 3 million positives and status 30% higher than last week, restrictions were lifted earlier and drastically in recent months.

in France Instead, no one dares to make masks mandatory again, after the law was repealed on May 16, but SNCF is back to recommending them strongly on its trains and prime minister Elizabeth Burne He asked governors and health authorities to encourage its use in all enclosed and crowded spaces.

Covid, at its peak

The question everyone is asking themselves in front of the thousandth wave is the question of the peak of infection. It will reportedly be the highest point of infection in Europe scheduled for mid-Julyat such a high rate that it would take all of August to return to reassuring levels.

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Image source: ANSA

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