Ferrari, you can rejoice for Sainz: but why sacrifice Leclerc?

The team considers its drivers equal: however, how useful it is in the world championship, it would be inexcusable to find yourself at the end of November to deal with some regrets …

Ferrari beat, Ferrari live. He did so with Sainz, who broke the ice in F1’s 150th GP on an important track in Red’s history. Carlos rode well, fast and aggressive, despite a flaw at the start of the race that opened the door for Verstappen. And it should be celebrated, because perseverance and self-confidence – with which I have come this far – have finally found the ultimate prize. But it’s hard for fans to rejoice enthusiastically – as this Spanish achievement deserves – because Leclerc, who could have earned several points over a struggling Verstappen, finished only fourth. And not his fault. As in Monaco, Charles was a victim of the circumstances and decisions of the Maranello crater wall. Galeotta was the safety car, which entered the track to the Ocon Alpine station with 13 laps to take off. Without this unexpected event, Leclerc would have won the Grand Prix without problems. Therefore, a great deal of misfortune intervened. But, faced with an unexpected situation, Cavallino once again made the questionable decision to sacrifice the world-ranked rider, essentially preventing him from playing the race. When the race was neutralized, the red strategists could make several choices, the time was there.

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