Foods to include in the diet

Let’s get acquainted with the foods that should be included in the diet to prevent stroke, and nutrition is essential for health.

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In the third place of diseases that cause death isbrain attack. A stroke occurs in the brain. It took its name from the Latin and means “blow”. This is what happens in the vessels of the brain when there is a blood clot that stops blood circulation, or a clot that breaks through a blood vessel. In the first case we have cerebral ischemia, and in the second we have cerebral hemorrhage.

Although we can all be affected by stroke for different reasons, experts have done very specific analyzes and studies on it and have come to the point of saying that a good diet reduces the risk of stroke. 30%. This is an important ratio, especially with age, when these risks increase.

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Nutrition goes hand in hand with health and this aspect is underestimated many times over. Let’s see below what foods you should include from now on in your diet to try to do so to prevent This is a serious condition.

Stroke prevention: foods to include in your diet

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According to several studies conducted in recent years, there are a number of very valuable foods that can help reduce the risk of stroke. here they are:

  • CarrotsAccording to Harvard University, eating 5 carrots a week can reduce the risk of stroke by up to 50%, as it is rich in antioxidants and promotes blood circulation.
  • TomatoesThanks to lycopene and homocysteine, this fruit is excellent for lowering blood pressure and improving blood circulation throughout the body.
  • avocadoExperts say they eat half an avocado a day to get their brain-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
  • buds Brussels: It is rich in potassium and folic acid, essential substances for reducing cholesterol and fat in the arteries.
  • Green tea: a cup a day, 20 minutes after the main meal, excellent for the introduction of antioxidants, polyphenols, many benefits into the body;
  • oats: Especially if taken at breakfast, it helps keep bad cholesterol low, contains zinc and iron that are beneficial for brain health, and can reduce stress;

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  • Sardines in olive oilTwice a week they supply you with good fats, calcium and vitamin D, which are ideal brain protection substances;
  • melon and watermelonTypical summer fruits, they contain plenty of water, minerals, and antioxidants, and are low in sodium.

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